While these photographs of a vintage tea party were taken a few months ago now, I really wanted to share them. It was such a fun day and the photos are beautiful. I was very happy to be part of the afternoon, supplying a few furniture items from the store and providing styling for the photoshoot. Thanks again to all the lovely ladies for a wonderful afternoon in the sun at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby!










So what was all about? Well, two good friends, let’s call them Lisa and Emily. Emily lives far from Lisa. Emily is getting married this winter in Mexico, but Lisa unfortunately cannot attend the wedding. So in lieu of attending the wedding, these creative ladies decide to have a vintage tea party photo shoot! Enter photographer Crystal-Marie Sing, of Crystal-Marie Sing Photography, Gild & Co. for furniture and prop styling, Jen Vanderzalm from Dames & Dolls Make Up for hair and make-up, some handsome young fellas for the “muscle” and a beautiful sunny day: success!