We carry lots of Dash and Albert rugs. Why? Because we love them! Our top ten reasons for our affection towards these rugs are:

  1. Colour. Dash & Albert rugs come in a huge assortment of colours. From bright happy colours to soft, muted neutrals.              Gild&Co_DashandAlbertrugs4
  2. Bunny Williams. New York based interior designer Bunny Williams just designed a line of rugs for Dash & Albert. We love Bunny and cannot wait to get her Dash rugs in store (and maybe a few at home). This bold, statement-making rug based on vintage floor tiles is making my heart zing!                                         Gild&Co_DashandAlbertrugs1
  3. Protect or hide floors. Load up on Dash rugs to protect your prized hardwood floors or cover damaged or stained flooring. Many of their rugs look even better when combined with a contrasting pattern or colour so layer, layer, layer!
  4. Outdoor/indoor. Dash outdoor/indoor rugs are hands down the best indoor/outdoor rugs. Not only do they come in lots of colours and styles,  they are also super durable. Many are scrub-able, bleach-able and/or hose-able. I recommend the indoor/outdoor rugs for indoor use for anyone with young children and/or pets.
  5. Dogs. Their mascots are dogs, and everyone knows that dog owners are the nicest of people (wink wink).
  6. Quality. Rugs need to be durable and Dash’s quality fits the bill. I’ve closely examined Dash jute rugs,  comparing to other jute rugs (inexpensive and expensive ones) and the Dash & Albert jute rugs are more tightly woven, meaning less fraying, longer lasting and more hard wearing. Gild&Co_DashandAlbertrugs3
  7. Pattern. They are known for their stripes / East Coast vibe, but there are lots of other patterns to choose from, like this modern graphic soumak rug (by Bunny Williams).  Gild&Co_DashandAlbertrugs2
  8. Price. They have  a variety of price-points. From more “investment” type wool rugs to inexpensive 100% cotton rugs. The 6′ x 9′ size 100% cotton rugs are just $284 CDN. That’s a lot of rug for the buck!
  9. Selection. They have a huge selection. I hate to sound cliche but there really is a Dash rug for everyone.
  10. Website. The Dash & Albert website is easy to use, shows product availability, and has lots of great photography. I always recommend buying a small size before committing to a larger one (as texture and colour never quite show the same in person as on screen), but in general their website reflects colour and texture very well.

If you are interested in ordering a Dash & Albert rug, visit the Gild & Co. showroom in Vancouver. We have Vancouver’s largest selection of Dash rugs and can help you choose the right one for you home.



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