It’s funny how things come full circle. A few years ago, while I was working for the provincial government, I looked back at my grade seven yearbook. I smiled when I read that my goal in life was to join Greenpeace. This was far from the reality I knew as an adult. Sure I recycle, but my daily duties did not feel of any great significance. A few years later, still working in a big office tower and trying to decide the next step in my career, I did an exercise to determine “my mission in life”. I learned that the things I value most benefit others and help sustain the earth. Funny how my 12-year-old self wasn’t as far off as I had thought!

The other side of my personality is creative and passionate about interior design, but when I started working as an interior designer I realized that it wasn’t for me. There was something missing, some lack of positive impact on the planet and people. But I loved interior design and creating beauty! How could I wed my love and talent for design with a career that felt more rewarding?

Fast forward to present day. Gild & Co. is my answer! Buying vintage reduces the need to manufacture new furniture and harvest new materials. Not only that, it breathes new life into furniture that was manufactured at a time when high quality was the norm, not the Allen key.

By bringing beautiful and timeless furniture and decor to market, Gild & Co. assists clients in making environmentally sustainable design choices, creating surroundings filled with beauty and colour, making them feel relaxed and happy in their home and in their world.

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