As a retailer, I try to do my best to balance consumption and being good to our planet. While it is impossible to have all the answers (“perfect information” in Economics classes) at Gild & Co. we offer products that are not only exciting and beautiful, but that are either produced locally or made by companies that have the same values as we do and who pay their workers and artisans a living wage. We believe that this ultimately leads to better products that will have long life cycles. 

The Gild & Co. Gibby chair, our bestselling Cotswolds sofa (new floor model arriving soon!) and chair, and many smaller upholstered poufs, footstools and ottomans are all made locally, offering jobs to our local economy and encouraging skilled workers to live and be in our province. Most of our pillows are sewn locally in small batches with down feather inserts that are made in a local environmentally friendly production facility. We believe this extra care and attention to what we offer brings goods to the market that are built for a better planet.

Some of our biggest imported brands, including but not limited to Dash&Albert, Jaipur Living and Matahari Home share these values and we love being part of their families.

We always strive to do better by offering better products, keeping checks and balances on our suppliers, finding out where and how things are made, recycling and reusing packaging were possible. And of course, buying vintage or antique is always sustainable. Our list keeps growing and we hope you notice the difference in your home.

Bonnie & all of us at Gild & Co.