When buying for the store we look for beautiful objects with style and functionality. Rarely do I ask myself is the colour is right. Yes, the colour must be appealing and the tone is usually similar to other things we sell. However, I never stress too much about colour because I know that colour is extremely subjective to its surroundings. The more important consideration when choosing for your home too is to consider how the colour of an object will jive with larger elements in your home, like your floors, walls and sofa or what colours will be next to it. Yes, of course you should like the colour but more importantly how will that colour play against the other colours in your space.  A colour on its own in a cushion, rug or piece of furniture can sing or clash depending on what it is near. Some of my all-time winning colour combinations are below. When I speak of these colours, I generally don’t mean the truest form of them. It can be muddied colours or undertones, like orange undertones in oak flooring or yellow in brass or gold:

Blue & Brown
Yellow & Grey
Blue & Orange
Black, White & Green
Green & Brown
Taupe & Copper

Consider what hues are currently in your home, think about the colour combinations that appeal to you, and take this information with you as arsenal when shopping/decorating. Happy Shopping! #colourlove