Inspired by old world deep leather conditioning products used to bring aged, cracked, and dried leather “back to life.”  Created to recondition leather detailed furniture parts such as desk tops, couches and chairs, stiff horse harnesses, luggage, belts, and shoes. Heavy reconditioning and moisturizing.

For use on damaged or distressed spots:  Application of serum with dropper on dried spots and cracks will help soften the leather, bring back suppleness, and help stop deterioration. Great for cracked and stiff luggage corners, belts and leather parts not used for some time that need revitalizing.  Serum will also darken any light colored cracks and help hide them.

Made with the finest Italian Avocado oil. Free of all solvents and harmful chemicals.

To use on overall leather surface: Apply a few drops on a clean rag and apply evenly over the surface of the leather for re-moisturising evenly the leather surface.

Do not use on Suede. Do not apply directly on a smooth leather surface. Always test on a hidden part of leather, as serum may darken lighter colored leathers.

Sold in 2.0 oz glass jars with dropper.

Combine with Christophe Pourny Leather Cream for the Ultimate Protection