Clean, sanitize and protect your wood cutting board with this all natural, organic cutting board tonic. Mixed in small batches in NYC. 240 ml pump.

Christophe Pourny’s Cutting Board Tonic has recently been featured in the Boston Globe:

With Cutting Board Tonic, cutting board maintenance is a little like aromatherapy. The tonic is an all-natural mixture of vinegar, walnut, rosemary, and lemon oils. Developed by Christophe Pourny, who apprenticed with antique furniture restorers in France, the combination cleans, moisturizes, seals, and protects everything from hardwood cutting boards and counters to salad bowls and butcher block surfaces. Handmade in small batches in Pourny’s Brooklyn studio, the tonic is sold in 8-ounce bottles with pump dispensers. To use, drizzle onto the cutting board, rub in with your fingers or a cloth, wipe with paper towels, and let sit overnight. The next day, your board has a gentle, fresh lemon aroma and is ready to go to work.

And the Washington Post.