Gorgeous handmade pottery by Kate Metten featured here in this stunning winter tablescape, a collaboration between Tracey Ayton Photography and Gild&Co., is now 50% off! Shop in store or online. All proceeds from the sale of Kate Metten pottery at Gild&Co. will be donated to the Pink T-Shirt Day Society.

Plates, regular $98, now $49 – shop here.

Bowls, regular $78, now $39 – shop here.

About the Maker:

Kate Metten (born Vancouver, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist whose material investigations into oil painting and ceramics deal primarily with the language of abstraction. Working at the intersection of those two histories allows a flexibility to address painterly concerns with clay, research into colour theory, visual perception and the still life, while also reflecting on Modernist philosophies of the Bauhaus, the unmaking of craft and material hierarchies. She is deeply concerned with phenomenology and the physicality of form. The internal logic of her artwork is determined by intuitive construction and response to material; Images and objects arise out of multi-layers of decision making to develop forms that are at once recognizable yet unfamiliar. The indexical quality of both painting and ceramic render dynamic impressions of mass and surface that preserve evidence of the hand and mind in motion. Metten’s preoccupation with the mechanics of looking, the psychological play of optical illusions, and our brain’s response to reductionist imagery confronts the viewer with the conditioning of their own perception.


Candles are Ester & Erik Cone candles available online here: small, medium and large in “white sand” colour.

Napkins are fair-trade woven by hand by unnamed artisans in India. Available at Gild & Co. here.

Stemware available at Gild & Co. here.

All photos in the post by Tracey Ayton Photography