I was scrolling Instagram this morning when I stopped at a post. It was a sponsored ad, which I try to avoid; however, this post caught my attention. The woman was talking about how styling a home is what makes it feel good but how do you style it? We are bombarded with images of beautiful homes on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s overwhelming and difficult to know what your style is when you can love so many different things. I know I feel this in my own home.

The post got me pondering, how do we develop our tastes and portray this in our homes? Here are some ideas:

1) Read design books and magazines. Pause when a certain image really catches your attention. What is it about the space that sings to your heart? Make notes on a sticky and post it to the page.

2) Take thought-out chances and get over any “mistakes”. The knowledge gained is worth making some mistakes along the way. Humans learn by repetition, taking thoughtful risks and knowledge gained from our choices. Get to know your local consignment store to pass along anything that really doesn’t work.

3) Have fun. I know, easier said than done but if we pressure ourselves that our home needs to be done or look a specific way, we are only setting ourself up for failure. Shop when you’re feeling relaxed and can enjoy the ride of personalizing your home.

4) Buy only things you love that and that are a 10/10 and I promise you will have more enjoyment from those objects and likely need less. Buy well, buy once.

5) Come talk to us! If you’re considering something from Gild&Co, we’re here to talk you through it. We love talking interior design and decorating.

6) Move things around in your home. Whether they are new-to-you or old favourites, try rugs, pillows and art in different spaces. See if the light and other surroundings enhances the items or not. You may surprise yourself.

7) Lastly, if none of this sounds fun to you at all. A few options: hire a full-service interior designer or ask a friend. A design-loving friend would probably love to help.