Gild&Co. curates beautiful items for the home, “from the floor to the ceiling”, including lighting. Lighting can be the jewel in any room and is of course needed! I’m a big fan of a large/tall lamp that provide excellent light. I also love a beautiful statement fixture in any room for interest and ambiance. Good lighting can transform a space.

Being a part lighting store is no easy task. Here’s a few things we do to bring you beautiful lights. 1) We source them. I usually only bring items to the store that I have seen in person. This has been a little trickier with Covid but we are grateful to have trusted suppliers that offer lighting with excellent quality, beautiful finishes and great styles. 2) When they arrive we carefully unpack and inspect for quality assurance and possible damage. 3) We flatten the boxes for recycling and take any other packaging like Styrofoam to the recycling centre. Lighting is easily breakable during transit so Styrofoam is still a necessary evil. We do our best to reduce environmental impact by taking it to the recycling depot where it can be re-purposed. 4) We find space in the store to display the lamps. For hanging fixtures our electrician is brought in. He does any necessary assembly, attaches a plug to avoid hardwiring and then he hangs the fixture (often moving many items to get it where it is needed). 5) Our talented photographer Tracey Ayton photographs them and we hand write price tags. 6) We post to our website and social media platforms. 

It’s all a labour of love for this small team. We hope you enjoy the light fixtures in the store and in your homes as much as we do!

Shop all in-store lighting, table lampschandeliers, floor lamps and wall lights online or come by the showroom anytime to see in person or browse our lengthy catalogues.