A sofa is something most people generally only purchase a few times in a lifetime. It’s a large piece, a workhorse in the home. You likely don’t even think about it until you need to change it, and buying a new one can be daunting. Why are some sofas $3,000 and some are $10,000? How do you know if it’s a good sofa that will last? Will it fit? What will you do with your old sofa? What if you get it home and it’s not comfortable? Our staff are here and ready to discuss all these questions with you.

Top ten reasons why our sofas rock:

1) Solid wood skilled artisan construction. Because it’s not just about looking good. It needs to last!
2) Timeless styles.
3) Customizable.  Stop by, make an appointment or contact us at 604.428.4255 or info@gildandco.com to discuss with one of our expert sales staff.
4) Locally made. Bestselling Gild&Co Cotswolds sofa, chair and Gibby chair are proudly made right here in Vancouver.
5) Expert advice and superior customer service. We love talking sofas!
6) Natural fabrics. Cleaner to live with, produce and age beautifully. I’ve never heard of patina and polyester in the same sentence.
7) Luxuriously plump cushions. All our sofa seat cushions are either feather-wrapped foam or spring. Springs cushions are a key ingredient to comfort that we’ve proudly developed with our workroom for years – available in the Cotswolds sofa and Gibby chair.
8) Competitive lead times for custom. Or even better buy the floor model and take home right away.
9) Designs that are unique and enticingly different. Like the stunning Bamboo Sofa or the low-slung curvy Southern Belle.
10) Buy well, buy once.

Shop all our sofas online here or in store.