Small space living is often about double uses. Double uses of rooms, like the living room that is also a home office, yoga space and kids playroom. Double uses of furniture, like ottomans that turn into beds and beds that have storage.

A dresser in the living room is not conventional, but it is oh so practical in a small space. Why? Because it acts as a console table AND is a storage vessel. A dresser in the living room is often better than conventional living room storage too. Better than those cube ottomans that when you flip the lip it has storage inside. Those things are like bottomless pits for junk. Open shelving, while nice, does take a certain dedication to keep tidy and styled like you see in the magazines.

While a dresser in the living room keeps your stuff nicely tucked away when not needed, but still visible (i.e. by opening the drawer) when needed. The dresser in my living room is perfect for storing work papers, magazines, measuring tape, pens, tags, candles, and my large inventory of pillowcases. You could also store off-season clothes, craft supplies, wrapping paper, scarves, gloves, etc. Obviously the options are endless.


Aesthetically a dresser may not be the star of the living room, but it can certainly enhance a space and be a nice looking piece of furniture. And since well-made dressers are so sturdy they last longer, making it relatively easy to come across a beautiful vintage dresser at a great price.

What do you think? Do you have a dresser in your living room? Would you consider it?