A welcome home includes a few things for me, a kiss from the hubby, dogs wagging their tales frantically, but also a relaxing feeling of “ahhh, I’m home”.

Decorating a foyer sets the tone for what you and your guests feel when you walk in the door. Ten things to consider adding to your foyer to create a warm welcome are:

1) A stool, bench or chair to sit to take shoes on/off.
2) A table to display fresh flowers and to drop keys and mail.
3) Art to add a personal touch.
4) An interesting mirror for light reflection, space expansion and to ensure no lint on the label before walking out the door.
5) If you don’t have a closet nearby, a stylish place to hang coats, jackets, etc.
6) If no storage, consider baskets for dog leashes, shoes, etc.
7) A lamp for ambience or mood lighting. Overhead lighting does not cut it.
8) A scented candle for the olfactory senses.
9) Something living – a potted plant or fresh flowers.
10) A good doormat – one that is heavyweight, durable and collects the dirt from shoes. It’s also a way to add pattern, texture or colour.